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Moony and Padfoot

remusoul: *wiggles toung around and pacing outside the dungeon*oh boy sirius is either kicking my ass or he really didn't study *watches some students run toward the great hall*~muters~ hurry up mate
xconvictblackx: *comes out of the dungeons* well that was fun
xconvictblackx: NOT!
remusoul: *laughs* i despise potions
remusoul: i wish lily could take the test for me
xconvictblackx: how can slughorn expect us to know that stuff???
xconvictblackx: it's like he expects us to study for our tests!
remusoul: *gets all proper and does a mock of slughorn* because we are stars and my connections have informed me that you students are bored and that you need a fun challenge! look at mrs. evans she is going place yessiree
remusoul: *shakes head* i think i dislike him more than bins
xconvictblackx: well duh...atleast we can pass notes in binns class. slughorn sees everything that goes on in his classroom.
remusoul: very true
remusoul: speaking of which*pulls out a crumpled piece of partchment* what was so important that you had to tell me during a test
xconvictblackx: well you know a full moons coming up....
remusoul: *laughs and can't move*
remusoul: *sttles down*you don't need to tell me padfoot
xconvictblackx: well yeah...but i wanted to know what you had planned for this month?
remusoul: well*smiles evily* i thought i might do a stake out on that loki girl
xconvictblackx: oh that girl who's been following you?
remusoul: find out what she really is
remusoul: *nodds*
xconvictblackx: yeah she does seem...odd. i wonder whats up with her.
remusoul: *makes a gesture with my head* hey you want to walk the grounds for a bit this dungeon is dank and gloomy
xconvictblackx: yeah i could use some fresh air right about now
remusoul: *walks fairly quickly and when reaches the grounds breaths deeply*
remusoul: i can always tell when its that time of the month
remusoul: im married to the outdoors
xconvictblackx: *laughs* that's true
remusoul: so tell me sirius how are things with em
remusoul: did you make up
xconvictblackx: well things are going a lot better. we talked about it, and then i took her to honeydukes through the one eyed witch passage.
remusoul: *smiles* i remember when we found thst passage
xconvictblackx: *says jokingly* she just can't resist me...
xconvictblackx: oh yes...those were the days
remusoul: *sticks hands in pockets*i'll never understand womne
remusoul: women*
xconvictblackx: oh dont worry you'll meet your girl someday, moony
remusoul: i thought i had
remusoul: and then poof she's gone and now im in more of a pickle than before
xconvictblackx: well you still got us- me and james and lily and sort of peter, and we'll always be here for you
remusoul: *smiles* i know
remusoul: so are you looking forward to auror training
xconvictblackx: yeah it's gonna be quite an adventure
remusoul: adventure
remusoul: *smiles*sirius, james and their adventures
remusoul: hell i was one of them*laughs*
xconvictblackx: 3 years of training in addtion to 7 years of school...i hope it turns out to be a successful career
xconvictblackx: heheh you were! *laughs*
xconvictblackx: *subconsciously walks toward the womping willow*
remusoul: *looks at you*where are you going
xconvictblackx: hey...who's that over there? *points to a figure near the whomping willow*
remusoul: *tilts head and is stunned*it can't be
xconvictblackx: i think its...
xconvictblackx: snivellus
xconvictblackx: but what is he doing there?
remusoul: *turns to you* you wouldn't have anything to do with this would you
xconvictblackx: me?
xconvictblackx: no!
xconvictblackx: *looks toward whomping willow again* hey he's gone!
remusoul: *sighs* he better not figure this out
remusoul: because i don't think i would care to control myself with that git as prey
xconvictblackx: *laughs*
xconvictblackx: well i'm supposed to meet em in the great hall
xconvictblackx: so let's start heading back
remusoul: *smiles* ok
remusoul: i have some work to do anyway
xconvictblackx: what work is that?
remusoul: dumbledore is truely a great man*grins*
xconvictblackx: *raises eyebrow* did i miss something?
remusoul: *raises eyebrows*the ah...he never talked to you about this
xconvictblackx: about what?! tell me!
remusoul: *whispers*the order
remusoul: he said you all were in it already
xconvictblackx: the mean the order of the phoenix?
remusoul: *quickly*shhhh!
xconvictblackx: *covers mouth* sorry sorry!
xconvictblackx: well i'm all for it
remusoul: *shakes head*you may be the prize catch for every girl at hogwarts but my god sirius you are the thickest skull i have ever encountered
xconvictblackx: hey! what's that supposed to mean!
xconvictblackx: well em's probably waitingfor me. i'll catch you later
remusoul: bye snuffles;p
xconvictblackx: please don't call me that
remusoul: *laughs*but its fun*does a moopy eye and lip*
remusoul: besides you don't mind when em calls you that
xconvictblackx: shut up! *tries to wack moony on the head but moony dodges it*
remusoul: *laughs*you know you love me
remusoul: *spots loki standing by a tree*
remusoul: this girl is sick!
remusoul: i gotta go mate good luck with emily
xconvictblackx: *glances at the girl by the tree* have fun with what's her face.
xconvictblackx: *goes into the castle*
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