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Plot Idea

xcancermoongirlx: ok i got an idea
SungWolfgirl: yea
xcancermoongirlx: e dont have to fit it into this doesnt matter. but there needs to be a reason why sirius tells severus to go into the whomping willow, so he can do something like hit on emily or do something really mean to her and when sirius finds out he gets really mad and then tells snape about the whomping willow thing.....?
SungWolfgirl: like sirius walking in on snape and em hooking up and then em saying to sirius i think we should break up
SungWolfgirl: because that would make him mad lol
xcancermoongirlx: *gasp* that would make him mad
xcancermoongirlx: lol
xcancermoongirlx: and then he finds out it was a love potion
xcancermoongirlx: hee hee
SungWolfgirl: yea!
SungWolfgirl: because she confides in lily!
SungWolfgirl: so lily tells james and james tells sirius and sirius is willing to commit murder lmao!!!
xcancermoongirlx: lmao!
xcancermoongirlx: we are geniues! *high five*
SungWolfgirl: *does a little dance*
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