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Lily and James

LadyMarauder731: *Runs up the stairs to boys common room*
LadyMarauder731: James.. You up here?
MessyHairedOne05: *Is sitting by fireplace bragging about new broom*
MessyHairedOne05: Lily!
MessyHairedOne05: What are you doing here?
LadyMarauder731: I wanted to talk to you about something. Got a minute?
MessyHairedOne05: For you, two minutes
LadyMarauder731: Aww.
LadyMarauder731: Your the best.
LadyMarauder731: Go for a walk?
MessyHairedOne05: Yeah,sure
LadyMarauder731: *Walks down the stairs and outside to the hogwarts grounds*
MessyHairedOne05: *Holds Lily's hand as they walk*
MessyHairedOne05: So, what is it you wanted to tell me?
LadyMarauder731: Look, during the summer I had quite the intresting conversation with Remus.
MessyHairedOne05: Ah huh...
LadyMarauder731: I know about his ahem as you so fondly reffer to "His furry little problem."
LadyMarauder731: He told Sirius, that I know, and I told them that I needed to tell you..
MessyHairedOne05: ....Uh...wow...ok.
MessyHairedOne05: Most people thought he had a misbehaved rabbit...
MessyHairedOne05: But i guess i knew this day would come.
LadyMarauder731: That's what I thought orginally actually.
I just never admited it.
LadyMarauder731: But eventually I sort of pieced it together, and I asked him about it this summer.
MessyHairedOne05: I guess its a good thing that you know, now i don't have to keep hiding it *sigh*
LadyMarauder731: Yeah I suppose.
MessyHairedOne05: Sooo....now what?
LadyMarauder731: Well I actutally wanted to ask you about a cloak, someone had metioned on the train trip.
MessyHairedOne05: *shifty eyes*
MessyHairedOne05: Yeah, about that....
LadyMarauder731: *looks at James* By god boy, are the damn cutest thing I have ever seen, but honestly do you have a invisiblty cloak?
LadyMarauder731: When the little boy came back to get me, Remus told me grab to cloak and I was like what?
MessyHairedOne05: Ah Lily...yes we all know about my good looks and all, but yeah its an invisibility cloak.....
MessyHairedOne05: Phew *wipes forehead* Im gald i got that off my chest.
LadyMarauder731: How'd you get it?
MessyHairedOne05: Its been in my family for years
LadyMarauder731: I see.
MessyHairedOne05: Well,atleast i think it has...
LadyMarauder731: You think? Well James thats a new adventure for you.
MessyHairedOne05:  *Smiles*
LadyMarauder731: Oh yeah, and just so you know I kinda sorta dated Kingsley Shackelbolt, just before I started going out with you..
LadyMarauder731: I mean as long as were telling eachother stuff, I bet you like the full list of boys I've dated since first year. Right?
MessyHairedOne05: *face turns red* Wha....?
LadyMarauder731: *Grins evily*
LadyMarauder731: Oh don't worry, I will not list every boy I've dated since first year.
MessyHairedOne05: Maybe you should just keep your old love life to yourself. you never know what I might do if I see one of your old boyfriends around.....
LadyMarauder731: Although I must say, you are by far my favorite..
LadyMarauder731: No worries. *smiles*
MessyHairedOne05: *Puts arm around Lily* Ha, your mine now. and no one else can have you.
LadyMarauder731: *Puts her arms around James*
LadyMarauder731: Oh, what a loss.
LadyMarauder731: *sigh* I shall have to deal with that loss
MessyHairedOne05: You should be happy to have me. I had my own fan club ya know?
MessyHairedOne05: Yep, broke their hearts
LadyMarauder731: *Laughs* really?
LadyMarauder731: I thought Sirius was the one with fan club.
MessyHairedOne05: You don't remember? all those girls who used to follow me around everywere I went?
LadyMarauder731: Sweetie, they were following Sirius.
LadyMarauder731: You go wherever Sirius goes..
MessyHairedOne05: Shhh, thats what he thinks *winks*
LadyMarauder731: Oh alright my lips are sealed.
MessyHairedOne05: Speaking of Sirius, I think he took my candy out of my trunk...
LadyMarauder731: *grins*
LadyMarauder731: Nah, he would never do that..
LadyMarauder731: Just like there wasn't a chance I would never fall for the infamous James Potter..
MessyHairedOne05: I knew there was a change *grins*
LadyMarauder731: But you know somehow it just sort of happened...
MessyHairedOne05: Yep, you just realized that you would never be happy without me *evil grin*
LadyMarauder731: Oh yes..
LadyMarauder731: I think we'd better get back to the castle.
LadyMarauder731: It's getting late.
MessyHairedOne05: Oh yeah.
LadyMarauder731: *kisses James* Back to the castle eh?
MessyHairedOne05: Uh,Right
LadyMarauder731: *Runs towards the castle*
LadyMarauder731: I've got to meet up with friends in the library. I'll see you later?
MessyHairedOne05: Yeah sure.
LadyMarauder731: Bye!
MessyHairedOne05: *Hugs Lily*
LadyMarauder731: *Hugs James*
LadyMarauder731: *Runs towards the library*
MessyHairedOne05: *Yells after Lily* I love you!


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