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James and Remus

MessyHairedOne05: Yo,Remus
remusoul: *Looks up to see a face instead of countless words*Hey James.
remusoul: What can I do for you? *flashes a smile*
MessyHairedOne05: Oh nothing, just wanted to say hi and such and such
remusoul: *Grins wryly* James how long have I known you? You can't use such and such.
remusoul: What's up?
MessyHairedOne05: Its nothing really....
remusoul: Prongsy...
remusoul: *Smiles and starts poking you*
MessyHairedOne05: Ahh! don't call me that.
remusoul: Come on tell me.
remusoul: ;p
remusoul: Oh James *Sighing*im in the middle of a very funny book im going to act more like a hybrid of you and Sirius.
remusoul: It can't be helped
MessyHairedOne05: *Smiles* I guess Lily knows everything,eh?
remusoul: *A look of knowladge dawns on my face* Ah I should have known you would ask me about that.
remusoul: Yes she knows.
MessyHairedOne05: *Nods*
remusoul: *Smiles softly* You always has an eye for the smart ones and she figured it out.
MessyHairedOne05: I guess she took it pretty well.
remusoul: *Nods* Well she didn't go running for the hills i can promise you that much.
MessyHairedOne05: *Laughs* Thats Lily for ya'
remusoul: But I don't know how it really affected her.
MessyHairedOne05: I think shes fine with it.
remusoul: Ok *smiles* So is that all you wanted to talk about?
MessyHairedOne05: I guess so...
remusoul: Because I know you mate if you aren't plotting your wooing.
remusoul: *licks lips* There's something else...
remusoul: Tell me.
MessyHairedOne05: Ahh, I'm telling you its nothing.
remusoul: Prongs...I'm a werewolf your a "deer" I can sense these things.
remusoul: tell me.
MessyHairedOne05: Hey! I'm not a deer!
remusoul: Fine your a human.
remusoul: A meek messy haired human *laughs*
MessyHairedOne05: Im a Stag. *poke*
remusoul: Fine a stag...*mutters* Same difference
remusoul: So what is it James Potter why did you want to speak to me instead of spending the one of the few weekends where the school is out, with Lily
remusoul: Lord knows you've waited long enough.
MessyHairedOne05: Well Lilys out with one of her friends...
remusoul: *Rolls eyes*
MessyHairedOne05: Oh oh! I know what we can do! we can go find Snivellus and hex him,just like old times *Evil grin*
remusoul: *Grins* that would be fun.
MessyHairedOne05: We'll throw him in the lake....
MessyHairedOne05: And then....
remusoul: EXPOSE HIM TO ME *laughs really hard*
MessyHairedOne05: *Laughs*
remusoul: James there is something  wanted to ask you. *Gets serous again*
remusoul: You know that girl that has been stalking me?
MessyHairedOne05: Ah huh.
remusoul: I'm starting to think...))
remusoul: *Getting a little tense* I mean she is always there.
MessyHairedOne05: *Pats Remus on the arm* shes totally in loovve with you. *Laughs*
remusoul: *Getting figty* But im not in love with her!
remusoul: Its like she has a wierd presence.
MessyHairedOne05: Yesss beccause she llllloves you....
remusoul: I feel like my tail is permently between my legs.
remusoul: its almost as though I can't control meeting her.
remusoul: *Looks down*
MessyHairedOne05: Try getting to know her better.
MessyHairedOne05: Maybe she won't seem so weird once you get to know her.
remusoul: *getting frustrated*you don't understand James you never lost the one you love you obnly know the longing and the bliss.
remusoul: I know the guilt and the fear.
MessyHairedOne05: Whoa whoa, I didn't mean it that way...
remusoul: *Gets upset with self:Am i admitting to liking her...*
remusoul: *Muters* I can't be.
MessyHairedOne05:  I can't say I know what you're going thru...
MessyHairedOne05: *Is at a loss for words*
remusoul: *Sighs and thinks:In so many ways im just as pathetic as I was when I was a child. He's being the best friend and im being a bastard*
remusoul: I'm sorry James.
MessyHairedOne05: Its ok mate *Smiles forgiveingly*
remusoul: I guess I just can't believe that this summer happened.
remusoul: There were so many things...So much life condenced into two months
MessyHairedOne05: *Nods*
remusoul: *Barely breaths out* Fiera...
remusoul: Oh james take care of Lily.
remusoul: she's too precious to lose
MessyHairedOne05: *sigh* Remus, i never really told you how sorry i am for what happend to Fiera...
remusoul: *Tries to put on a normal smile* Oh don't worry about it.
remusoul: I'll get my vengence by helping Dumbledore.
MessyHairedOne05: I thought of what it would be like to lose Lily...And I can't bear it...
remusoul: *Lays down on the nereby couch* Well you won't lose her that's for sure.
MessyHairedOne05: Nope...
remusoul: *Tries really hard to remember the last prophoses that delt with the bleeding red lightning.*
MessyHairedOne05: You OK Moony? you look kinda funny.
remusoul: *Shakes head*No it's nothing.
MessyHairedOne05: so,what do you say about giving  Snivellus a good hexxing? *Smilys evily*
remusoul: *Getting back into a good mood*I like it alot.

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