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Serpentine Seduction

xconvictblackx: *thinks to self* man, this has gone too far. i should find em and tell her whats going on. hopefully lily was right, she won't care about my family. and then we can end this and start over.
xconvictblackx: *heads down the hall*
xconvictblackx: *catches a glimpse of emily entering an empty classrooom*
xconvictblackx: em! wait up! *but emily doesn't hear him and shuts the door*
~Inside the Room~
DiexPotterxDie: *holding emily and thinking: i can't believe im about to touch this filthy little mudblood but the ends justify the means* oh my dearest emilly *takes her in my arms*
DiexPotterxDie: *hears sirius and quickly begins the hook up*
xconvictblackx: *enters the classroom just in time to see snape and emily's lips touch*
xconvictblackx: *stands there for a second, shocked*
DiexPotterxDie: *emilly forcefully messages my cheak with her toung and i return the favor thinking: such a serpent should be in slytherin*
xconvictblackx: WHAT THE-
xconvictblackx: GET OFF HER!
DiexPotterxDie: *pulls away slightly and looks at sirius smuggly*
DiexPotterxDie: emily: what black its a free country
xconvictblackx: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! *turns to emily* did he do anything to you?
DiexPotterxDie: *smiles deviously* nothing that she didn't beg for oh so passionantly
xconvictblackx: *emily smiles and says* sirius, i'm in love with severus now.
DiexPotterxDie: *turns to emilly* isn't that right babe
xconvictblackx: yes baby
xconvictblackx: *shakes head* no, you guys are joking
DiexPotterxDie: so you see sirius *turns back to sirius with the biggest smirk* you aren't wanted
xconvictblackx: *looks from emily to snape*
xconvictblackx: HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?
DiexPotterxDie: *mockingly* oh dear dear is that a tear
xconvictblackx: i can't believe this! *kicks a chair*
xconvictblackx: emily how could you love this git? he treats you like dirt!
DiexPotterxDie: *emily:* hahaha oh sirius you must control that temper *saunters up to him* i love it dirty and wouldn't trust me. silly silly sirius all alone *laughs and kisses sirius's lips cruely* i want a man not a boy
DiexPotterxDie: *motions for emily to join me* come mudblood we musn't let this fool launguish in doubt any longer
DiexPotterxDie: *emily:* your absolutly right severus *shivers* i love it when you call me that
xconvictblackx: emily, i love you. i'll tell you what you wanna know! just don't go running off with...him!
xconvictblackx: *emily:* no sirius, you had your chance. i'm with severus now.
DiexPotterxDie: *indignantly* him!? look who has the girl now black...look whose the git now
xconvictblackx: your gonna pay for this, i swear.
DiexPotterxDie: ooo
DiexPotterxDie: what you gonna do? hit me with my own spell because your too inept to come up with your own?
DiexPotterxDie: *pure contempt is in my voice* i won lost
xconvictblackx: *advances toward snape*
DiexPotterxDie: *reaches for wand*
xconvictblackx: *forgets he has a wand*
xconvictblackx: *punches him across the face*
xconvictblackx: *emily:* no!!! stop it!
DiexPotterxDie: *falls back and reaches hand to wipe away the blood coming from my nose*
xconvictblackx: *emily:* are you okay severus?!
DiexPotterxDie: its alright em *gets up* this vulgarity just can't control himself
DiexPotterxDie: *walks toward the door with em on my arm* you know sirius i am mortally offended you aren't worth obliteriating
xconvictblackx: your disgusting
DiexPotterxDie: *laughs* *emily blows sirius a kiss and joins severus*
xconvictblackx: *sirius is left alone in the empty classroom. he knocks over a desk in his rage, and then drops into a chair, still unable to believe what just happened*
DiexPotterxDie: *thinks to self: the best way to hurt the enemy is to hurt the ones he loves...and it always pays to mix buisness with pleasure...what am i thinking she's a mudblood!*
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