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A Deal With the Devil

DiexPotterxDie: *walking down the hall holding a pile of books, on the way to the great hall whisteling to myself*
DiexPotterxDie: *spots a bunch of first years and begins to laugh at their ineptitude*
xconvictblackx: *hears a familiar laughter and looks up* whats so funny snivellus?
DiexPotterxDie: *turns around to see the most wretched figure in these halls*oh nothing black. i was just amusing myself with how inept these first years are
DiexPotterxDie: they remind me of someone*laughs and begins to walk away*
xconvictblackx: hey! where do you think your going?! *draws wand*
DiexPotterxDie: *laugh-sighs*what are you doing black? im not being "hostile" if you want to dock points from that silly little house of yours go ahead
DiexPotterxDie: you see this is the reason why emily wanted me. i don't draw my wand and start hexing people for just walking away
xconvictblackx: *is obviously angry, but can't find anything to say*
xconvictblackx: *slowly puts wand away* why did you take her from me?
DiexPotterxDie: *smiles wryly*i did not take her i rescued her. she moans so well under my form of persuasion and pleasure*is loving the idea of making sirius suffer*
xconvictblackx: your lying!!! you filth, you don't really love her!
DiexPotterxDie: *licks lips*who said anything about love...*laughs and then makes to walk away again*your a fool black
xconvictblackx: did you do something to her? *points wand at snape* tell me.
DiexPotterxDie: *mockingly* did i do something to her? just stop it black your gathering an audiance to view your faliure
DiexPotterxDie: *smirks to see the first years and fourth years crowded around but when attention is called to them they disperse*
xconvictblackx: i know what you want. follow me. *enters a nearby classroom*
DiexPotterxDie: *debates whether to follow but curiosity wins out and i follow you*
DiexPotterxDie: so what do i want, black
xconvictblackx: i've noticed you sneaking around all the time, eavesdropping, spying, wandering around the whomping willow...
DiexPotterxDie: *eyes you over*so, what of it
DiexPotterxDie: you wouldn't betray your precious friends just to quench my curiosity
xconvictblackx: what if i told you there was tunnel underneath the whomping willow, and i knew how to get through it
DiexPotterxDie: what do you want for this information
xconvictblackx: i want you to leave em alone
DiexPotterxDie: and where does it lead...this tunnel of yours
xconvictblackx: oh, i'm not going to tell you that, you'll just have to see for yourself, won't you?
DiexPotterxDie: *shakes head*no
DiexPotterxDie: i have no reason to trust you
DiexPotterxDie: at all
DiexPotterxDie: do you think me a fool, black
xconvictblackx: fine, i guess you'll never know....
DiexPotterxDie: *laughs*sirius if you want em back you'll give me more than that
xconvictblackx: you say that as if you know what i'm talking about
DiexPotterxDie: *raises eyebrow*so its that good huh?
xconvictblackx: oh yeah
DiexPotterxDie: *smiles*so good i should trust you, the second most hated person in my life
xconvictblackx: yes, that good.
DiexPotterxDie: *seriously considering*
DiexPotterxDie: fine black, what's the secret
xconvictblackx: tonight, go to the whomping willow. there is a knob in the roots, if you push it, the tree will stop moving and you can get through the tunnel. then you follow it for a while and it'll lead you to...well i wouldn't want to give away too much now would i?
DiexPotterxDie: *nodds and offers hand*if you've spoken truely i may have been wrong about you...more than just one of potter's lackies
xconvictblackx: but it has to be done tonight
xconvictblackx: midnight would be best, and you cant be seen by anybody
DiexPotterxDie: *suspiciously*why sirius
xconvictblackx: well, for one, you wouldn't want to get expelled before you find out, and two, we don't want the whole school to know how to get past the whomping willow
DiexPotterxDie: *emphaticly*why tonight
xconvictblackx: you'll see...
DiexPotterxDie: *forcefully*tell me or forget about em*takes hand away*
xconvictblackx: fine! i'll tell you.
xconvictblackx: *looks around* um...
DiexPotterxDie: *innocently*yesss...
xconvictblackx: it might not be there after tonight
xconvictblackx: so you have to go tonight
DiexPotterxDie: *rolls eyes*you are so full of yourself
xconvictblackx: *glares at snape* let's just say you'll be in for a...pleasant...surprise
DiexPotterxDie: you know what black, i think i'll wait to return em to you until after tonight
xconvictblackx: just promise me you'll go
DiexPotterxDie: *looks slyly at you and then smiles*i promise to use the entrance at my convienence
DiexPotterxDie: *moves to leave*
xconvictblackx: fine, but remember, tonight is the only garaunteee
DiexPotterxDie: *nods silently* done
DiexPotterxDie: emily will be back in your arms tomorrow providing you spoke truely
*leaves the room*
xconvictblackx: i told you you'd pay...
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